I really love the idea of an intimate restaurant wedding, especially if held in the cooler months - Autumn or Winter - so as to make it extra cosy with glowing candlelight and moody tones. Captured by ELIZABETH LADUCA, the shoot depicts a non-traditional, intimate Fall wedding for a modern New York couple who love food and wine. The setting is an idyllic venue - IL BUCO ALIMENTARI - where such couples can wed on the terrace and host a dinner party reception for family and friends in the adjoining loft.

Stylist NOUS NY drew inspiration from the restaurant itself, a space that celebrates artisanal Italian products, simple, authentic food and the joy of sharing it with friends. Thoughtful details  such as napkins hand-dyed with rust and tea from artisan SAMANTHA VERRONE, dinnerware sourced from Umbria by the restaurant and menus crafted by INK & PRESS CO. on paper torn from vintage books, align with the restaurant’s handmade ethos.

Organic florals in a soft fall palette by BOURGEON, tall tapered candles and an abundant spread of fruit sourced from the farmers market create a dramatic, yet relaxed tablescape. When it came to the bridal styling they went with a non-traditional look for their downtown muse, who wears an effortless gown by DONATELLE GODART, a cool stack of wedding bands by ERSTWHILE and laid back, natural hair and makeup.