German wedding photographer KARINA PAPADOPOULOS is making us want to explore the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta today with this gorgeous garden inspiration. Karina tells us, "Malta, the beautiful, sun-kissed archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean has always been the location of choice for couples looking for a magical destination wedding. You may be asking yourself why it's such a popular location to get married. If you have ever visited the Maltese islands, then it's easy to see why getting married in Malta is so amazing! The stunning Baroque designs of PALAZZO PARISIO, with its gilded ballroom and lush, romantic gardens have made it one of Malta's most sought after venues for weddings. Not many places can flawlessly combine a sense of complete serenity and joy in a setting that will take your breath away quite like these gardens. Surrounded on all sides by high walls, it's intricately decorated with lush ivy plants, adding a splash of verdant greens, vibrant purples and pure whites to the sandy-browns of the palazzo. The four symmetrical lawns in the gardens, decorated with petite hedgerows and centred with picturesque fountains are bordered on all sides with wide walkways, giving you a lot of space to plan where you want everything to be. 

Featuring a soft colour palette of white, grey tones and a burst of gold, the simple, clean lines of the details are complemented by the abundance of foliage in the curved orangery. Showcasing an amazing dress from CHERRY WILLIAMS and perfectly accessorised by DOLCE & GABBANA shoes. This is a story about a Maltese girl while growing, still believes in a true love and fairytales. Her simple beauty and elegant style added a special touch into this shoot."