We've all seen the crazy busy photos of the main tourist destinations in Rome and if you've travelled there you know how manic it can be and how challenging it is to get an image clear of hoards of tourists. Which means it's always a refreshing change to see them in a different light - in this case the light of the rising sun since Texas wedding photographer SOPHIE EPTON was up at sunrise one August Sunday to capture this beautiful elopement shoot. And the results are certainly worth the early morning! We especially love that stylist CAMILLA CASCINO chose a non-traditional gown by SILVIA VALLI for the shoot, which we feel is perfect for an intimate elopement. A beautiful paper suite by BOARDING SCHOOL COLLECTIVE with a watercolour painting of one of the scenes, florals by CHIARI SPERTI FLORAL EVENTS and a stunning engagement ring by Engagement ring designer SUSIE SALTZMAN all fused together to create the most romantic of visions.

Designer Camilla tells us, "Lavinia is an Italian actress and influencer and, together with Dino, her fiance for more than 10 years, they decided to indulge in this elopement session in the eternal city, showcasing an intimate sunrise photo session, followed by an intimate ceremony and romantic meal overlooking the Roma skyline. This elopement not only shows the intense love between this dedicated couple, but serves as divine inspiration for an adventurous duo who looking to do something grand, unique and adventurous to define their union.

When I started working on this project I imagined Lavinia to come down on the Spanish steps with a flowing and light floral dress. This was the guide image of all the work. I have talked about this idea with Silvia Valli, the designer who designed and made the dress personally, and so the search for the best fabric began. Silvia, who lives and works on Lake Como where there are the most important and famous Italian textile companies, has chosen this chiffon printed in pure Italian silk to make the dress. For the palette of colors, we have been inspired by all the nuances of the palaces surrounding the staircase of Trinità dei Monti: the pink tending to orange, travertine white, the light yellow…along with the vibrant greens and blues of the dress.

Dino's suit is made by a very talented Italian designer: Veronica Salvini of LINNÈO ARCHIVIABLE CLOTHING. A dress in blue tones, a fresh ivory linen shirt and a papillon perfectly in harmony with the turquoise of her dresses and laced shoes made with colourful feathers from another talented craftsman of the made in Italy, OLIVIA MONTEFORTE.

The crown and earrings that Lavinia wears are fine pieces of handmade porcelain craft made by TAALA that reproduce delicate flower petals seen in her dress."

Thank you so much to Texas wedding photographer SOPHIE EPTON for sharing this beautiful elopement inspiration with us. You can head over to Sophie's profile to view more of her work and see more incredible weddings and editorials she has photographed - you should especially check out this Stunning romantic Tuscan engagement inspiration.