More often than not simple is best! Angie & Eugene certainly subscribed to this theory when it came to designing their wedding at HONEYPOT LA - a modern loft style studio space that allowed for them to put their own stamp on it. The photography by ANYA KERNES PHOTOGRAPHY beautifully highlights the clean, modern aesthetic of the day. Aside from the styling aspect, even the planning process was kept fairly stress free and simple for them.

The couple share with us, "We wanted to keep things simple. Each element of the day felt harmonised, so that no one piece overpowered the other. We loved the idea of greenery as one of the main components to our colour palette, so we wanted to highlight that by working with more neutral tones. We also thought less would be more with the greenery and focused it in key areas instead of the entire venue. Funny story, we bought candles that were too tall for our vase so we hand cut over 20 white pillar candles. Our house was covered in wax but it was a funny moment we shared during our wedding process.

My mom was initially underwhelmed with my choice of dress since it wasn't bejewelled or a princess silhouette. But the second she saw me wearing it, it all came together. We didn't have to go cake tasting because we knew that our cake would be from our favourite bakery growing up, Porto's Bakery.

We had a few minor hiccups during the wedding ceremony that could contend as a favourite moment, but our top moment was when we saw months of our work and ideas materialise in a beautifully constructed reception hall. We loved the decor and the time we got to spend with family and friends in that atmosphere. The table seating arrangement was, by far, our favourite crafted detail. It so looked magical that we used it as our first look backdrop too! You probably hear this all the time, but my advice to brides to be would be not to let the planning process consume you. Your wedding day will be everything you've hoped for, but it only lasts a day - what comes after the wedding will be even better."