Inspired by the elegance and personality of the METROPOLITAN BUILDING in New York City, ALEXANDRA SEMYONOVA put together this beautiful modern bridal inspiration. "As you walk through the antique mirror-filled hallways and along the rows of mismatched vintage chairs and it feels as if you've been transported to a different era. I had originally intended to do a simpler shoot with white walls and pure details, but this location just took my breath away. The outcome was a beautiful convergence of modern simplicity and old world elegance."

We chose to use bold, vintage furniture pieces like the leopard print chaise lounge, saffron-hued velvet curtains, and grand piano, all of which could easily be too rustic and kitschy for our taste. However, when these pieces are paired with more modern and neutral details, they take on a whole new elegance. The clean-cut pant suit and silk gown from REBECCA SCHONEVELD as well as the loose hair and natural makeup by SYDNEY HELMSLEY are exactly what we needed to complete the sleek, modern look for our two models. The neutral-toned palette and organic movement of the floral arrangements from HEART & SOIL FLOWERS subtly complement the patina textures and colours of the setting and help to make our vision of neutral-and-modern-meets-vintage-elegance complete."