Paying tribute to the Pacific Northwest bohemian vibe, photographer TASHANA KLONIUS captured these beautiful images surrounded by some of Mother Nature's finest work. She tells us, "As a native to Washington, there is so much beauty to explore, it often takes my breath away. Honouring the boho vibe, we found a local artist who used natural materials to create stunning showpieces. GUNSTONE CREATIONS re-purposes aged metals and pairs them with elegant pieces of wood to make stunning sculptures. The lovely agate place cards adorned with gold calligraphy were the perfect showpiece from the artists at IN LOFT CALLIGRAPHY. Unkempt loose white flora and greens mixed with an array of crystal geodes were the perfect way to finish the look, perfect for any couple with a life full of adventuring into the wilderness. In the months before summer the water lowers to unearth giant old growth stumps, usually hidden bellow the surface of the clear blue lake. Exploring the land with this real life couple was an amazing experience!"