Whilst we all crave the sight of vibrant blue skies during summer or on holiday, when it comes to photography moody skies with a more neutral colour are where it's at! It allows the colours of the shoot to shine more in my opinion when they're not competing with a bright sky. Case in point the stunning berry and plum bouquet by THE DAINTY LION which leaps out against the sandy and grey tones of the rocks and comes to life with these beautiful images by AS EVER PHOTOGRAPHY.

Photographer Jennifer tells us, "Set amidst the California coastline's rocky cliffs, this moody seaside bridal shoot was inspired by the quintessential San Diego springtime skies - locally referred to as "May Grey" (and later as "June Gloom"). As a former San Diegan, this Southern California city has a very special place in my heart. San Diego is much-beloved as a sunny, beachy vacation wonderland, but once you've lived there, you realise it also offers some breathtaking moodier weather as well. It was those dark coastal skies that served as inspiration for the grey hues running throughout this shoot - from the soft grey skirt and and veil to the deeper smoky tones in the tablescape and the slate of the rock ledges. Our bride wears a bold makeup look and the watercolour cake invokes images of a stormy sea; the deep plums and purples in the floral arrangements add colour while staying true to the dramatic motif. We loved bringing a touch of softness to the craggy cliffs but also honouring the beauty of nature's sharper edges, creating a romantic juxtaposition."