Harnessing the raw nature of Portugal, VIVID SYMPHONY captured this beautiful couples shoot during a cold, rainy and windy day at the coast. Despite the inclement weather, nothing could stop these two from embracing the moment. Framed by the dramatic atmosphere of the Porto coastline they prove that even strongest wind can’t unsettle their love.

The old lonely chapel and the rough ocean were perfect together so they were incorporated in the stationery by ANNETTE BLEICHERT with a hand-drawn illustration. The light dress from LILLIAN WEST and the gorgeous veil were perfect for the wind to play with. The hairpiece from KOKORO BERLIN with leather flowers was a great choice for this indomitable windy day. And as a high point AQUEDUTO EVENTOS created for us this dramatic flower bouquet with ranunculus, roses and orchids – it was not possible not to fall in love with it!