Looking at these stunning images by CORINNE GRAVES makes me want to book the next flight to Alaska! How incredible does this blue gown by ELIZABETH DYE look against the neutral texture of the landscape? Corinne explains the inspiration behind the shoot, "When all of the epic romanticism of the Last Great Frontier is removed from Alaska there's a simple, quiet beauty and a rich cultural history. We wanted this shoot to represent that side of the state, reflecting the natural beauty of the coast line and the winter colours of the ocean, beach, and grasses. Samantha wore jewellery representing her Tlignit clan and a beautiful sea coloured gown custom made by ELIZABETH DYE. BLOOMSBURY BLOOMS took all of the elements and tied everything together with a wild foraged bouquet. Mud flats and marshes might not be what comes to mind when you think of the North, but we love every part of our gorgeous state and the otherworldly beauty it can offer.