At first glance you wouldn't guess that these serene scenes were captured in the bustling city of Hong Kong would you? Kannis & Him had these beautiful images taken at a quiet lake, by King from SAVOUR PRODUCTIONS. Escaping from the busy and hectic city centre this location gave them a chance to enjoy nature which is a rarity on the small island. A stunning yellow bouquet by SAVOUR HANDMADE added a vibrant pop of colour against the trees. 

The couple themselves share a bit of their story, "Our story began at the age of six when we were scouts in primary school. Him (my fiancé) was very famous at school. We liked arguing with each other and this started our friendship. After going to high school, we liked each other but we did not go further. Maybe it's not the right time. 

It wasn't until the age of 23 that we started our love journey. Every day feels Valentine's Day. We love hiking and this photo shoot reminded us the time when we were scouts. I can say our love has been transcended into a family relationship. Him is a humourous person and he takes good care of me. We are excited to plan our wedding and we are looking forward to our new journey! We believe that we can go deep into the future."