Can you believe it's only just over 10 days until Christmas? How's your to-do list coming along? As you can imagine, Christmas is a going to look a little different this year with Rylee in our lives! My home has been decorated for a couple of weeks already so that's made a nice change and I don't feel that I have to rush around doing that! To be honest I don't have a crazy to-do list at all. I mean yes I need to buy Rylee some goodies, but I just can't bear the thought of a tonne of plastic toys in the house so I want to be mindful of that and have asked family to do that same. At her age she doesn't have the concentration to stick to toys for long, nor the appreciation or realisation of what they cost so we're trying to not go crazy and keep it quite practical! But like I said there's 10 days to go so this could also change once I head out into the stores! Ha!

White is an achromatic colour - a colour without hue but there is nothing lacking in this beautiful cloud like styling by WHITE EVENT STUDIO with gorgeous ethereal images by JENNIFER HODDER PHOTOGRAPHY. Beautiful simplicity and romantic cloud like movements give the shoot a poetic vibe. It features a beautiful soft blush gown by CINOBI and florals by one of our favourites CELSIA FLORAL