Paula & Bernhard's love story had its beginnings in university. Paula - originally from Brazil - was on an student exchange in Germany when she met Bernhard and they fell in love. Fast forward a couple of years and they are happily married and live together in Munich, Germany. One of their biggest passions is to travel and their adventures have taken them to exotic places like South America and Iceland. So after getting married in September 2015 it wasn't surprising to anyone who knew them when they announced that a two-month road trip in New Zealand was to be their honeymoon. Upon finding out that CARITO PHOTOGRAPHY was also going to be travelling New Zealand at the same time, they conspired to create some beautiful post-wedding images. 

They met up in the beautiful small town on Taupo and spent the evening alongside the Waikato river surrounded by pine trees and the beautiful nature in this area. Carolin from CARITO PHOTOGRAPHY tells us, "We wanted to keep the session minimalistic and natural, so we decided against any elaborate styling and a lot of details. Instead we relied on nature to provide us not only with a stunning backdrop but also with the ingredients for a lush, flowing bouquet. Paired with Paula's wedding dress the bouquet made from Eucalyptus, Manuka and other local plants was enough to give her an elegant bridal flair. And together with their visible love, the intimacy with each other and the relaxed vibe present in the images made this session one of absolute favourites so far."

Wild bouquet with natives
Organic bouquet
Intimate Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom in nature