Rob proposed to Ashley just before they visited Portugal for their summer holidays. Ashley thought this was the perfect timing for some portraits in an exotic location, far away from home, so she enlisted the help of the fabulous Portugal wedding team BRANCOPRATA

Sofia from BRANCOPRATA who styled the shoot tells us, "We knew the perfect place for the shoot, so quickly everything started to make sense in our heads. We arrived just before sunset at Praia da Ursa, an unprecedented refuge, one of those natural pearls that we want to keep just for ourselves and the people we love. The access to the actual beach is not easy, and requires some skill and patience, a bumpy descent down a poorly visible path, which requires some sense of foot braking, but almost half an hour later we finally reached the beach. We all needed a few minutes to catch hour breath, but once we looked around us, we felt completely mesmerized with the beauty of this remote place. The texture of the warm sand was so soft and we almost felt welcomed by the sound of each wave. The light was incredible and the sense of warmth and calmness was indescribable, in that exact moment, we all felt overwhelmed by Nature and all it's beauty. Ashley and Rob felt free and careless, so they manage to focus on themselves and enjoy these moments together. Because in the end, this is the most important thing about what we do; making sure our couples have unforgettable experiences translated in imagery they will never forget! No wonder people keep telling us that we have a dream job."

Offering both photography and styling services, Portugal wedding team BRANCOPRATA are part of our vendor guide. See more of their portfolio here.