When Ed proposed to girlfriend Jannette, he took inspiration from the first Valentine’s gift he’d bought her: four goats! (She loved them.) He explains: “I wanted to propose while Jannette was traveling with me in my hometown, and realised there was only one place to do it: Carmeli’s Goat Cheese. Its hillside location offers beautiful views of the lake, and along with the little shop, there’s also a barn and pasture. Needless to say, Jannette wasn’t expecting a proposal while standing in front of a barn full of goats!” Fortunately, Ed ‘goat’ the girl, and the couple celebrated their special day at a heritage mansion nearby. The guest of honour? A baby goat, of course! Calgary wedding photographer MILTON PHOTOGRAPHY captured their beautiful day.

Jannette’s search for a wedding dress didn’t start out as a happy one. Having been to a number of appointments, she settled for a dress she liked but didn’t love, and then found that she had been overcharged for it. Then, a month before the wedding, she went to try on veils with Ed’s mother and her own, and stumbled across a dress they all loved. When she made her grand entrance, Ed and all the guests agreed that she looked absolutely stunning. Says the groom: “I felt so blessed to be able to commit the rest of my life to her and have her want to do the same.

Because their relationship was long-distance, the couple decided against a long engagement. They chose to get married in Kelowna, Canada, and were delighted to find that the beautiful LINDON HOUSE was available. Ed explains: “Our location is a heritage mansion that has been restored. Since the backyard has a beautiful garden and gazebo, and the house is nicely decorated, it didn’t require a lot of extra work or money on decorations, which was a big plus since we were planning from far away.” One special touch they did include was the cut logs topped with hydrangea-filled mason jars that lined the aisle, a gift from Ed’s stepfather, a landscaper.

A huge thank you to Calgary wedding photographer MILTON PHOTOGRAPHY for sharing this beautiful wedding with us. Justine is a valued member of the Magnolia Rouge Vendor Guide. Her style is a mix of fine art and photojournalism. "I capture naturally beautiful moments as they happen. I don’t force things, and the results are photographs as unique and beautiful as you are. It is an incredibly humbling job, to be trusted to document couples life long memories, and that is what we focus on most; timeless imagery that will evoke all of the emotions you and your family felt on the day." Be sure to check out this Magical & Ethereal Sunrise Wedding Inspiration on the Greek Islands.