There are a handful of countries that are at the top of my bucket list to visit - Morocco being one of them! These stunning images by Utah wedding photographer TYLER RYE are just adding to my impatience to get there!

Tyler tells us, "Having the chance to travel to Morocco was amazing! It was made even better by getting to document such a unique elopement. From the beginning Kate and Ryan knew they wanted something off the grid and one of a kind. We started our search for locations in Marrakech, however, we quickly discovered we wanted something secluded that didn’t involve a crazy wake up time. As I searched further out I found an amazing Mosque in a small mountain village only a couple hours away from Marrakech. When Kate and Ryan saw pictures of the Mosque they fell in love and we started planning their elopement.

The Mosque is no longer in use and is more of a ruin but the village allows tours which was great and the locals were really nice to work with. When we arrived they let us take all the time we wanted inside and we were able to catch the sunset as it lit up the walls of the Mosque. It was the perfect place to exchange wedding vows. The detail was incredible and it would have been so cool to see it when it was still up and running.

After they exchanged vows we hiked to the top of the cliffs behind the mosque to catch the last few minutes of sunset. From the top of the we had an amazing view of the Mosque and the surrounding village as the sun dipped below the horizon!"

A huge thank-you to Utah wedding photographer TYLER RYE for sharing this stunning Moroccan elopement with us. Tyler loves to take couples out away from the city where they can truly be alone and express their love with few distractions! We're delighted to have him as part of our vendor guide. Be sure to check out this Unique & Magical wedding on the steps of The Treasury at Petra.

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