This wedding editorial by EZECHIEL PHOTOGRAPHY was shot in the old monastery LA CHARTREUSE DE VALBONNE in the area near Bagnols-sur-Cèze, France. It was part of CHRISTOPHE SERRANO'S latest workshop that was designed and planned by THE WILD MOON and LES ROMANCES DE MARIE. The location was specifically chosen for its beautiful 13th century architecture and pure and minimalist appearance to give a more natural and fine art atmosphere with a Provence character. The wedding dress was requested to have a flower pattern similar in colour to the lavender fields with a touch of pastel to convey an ethereal and light feeling. The groom's attire was a classic black tuxedo and white tuxedo to act as a neutral and steady visual anchor. The theme of the decoration was "Italy and the Mediterranean Sea" and meant to communicate an intimate atmosphere of a loving wedding couple with its minimalist and fine art style. My focus was on the natural and intimate interaction of the couple and capturing the details in a way that allows the viewer to feel the moment.