This beautifully wild shoot has such an adventurous carefree nature to it. Captured by MELLI & SHAYNE amongst the stunning scenery of the Bavarian Alps alongside the Isar river, it honours the transition of winter to spring; that feeling of breathing life back into the world after a cold long winter. It's about a non-traditional couple feeling connected to nature and the outdoors, and wanting to do things their way and not be bound by centuries old customs.

MELLI & SHAYNE wrote, "He stands on the edge, knowing that his life is about to begin. She's beautiful. She walks, she see's him - emotions overwhelm and she can't contain her patience. She runs... she runs to him and her footsteps awaken his eyes. He turns around and see's her, his everything. She smiles. Beautiful. She leaps into his arms and embraces him with strength. The dance in the air, and time seems to have slowed down. They kiss, they hold each other, they embrace. 

They begin their march; slow at first, looking back not even once. They run, together. Holding each other's hands, playfully. They're kids again. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to fear. The only thing that matters is each other. 

They find their moment, they whisper their vows. No one but God to be the witness. The spring flowers awake. They kiss. they breathe in the atmosphere; the sensations and beauty of mother earth. The very mountains bless them. They are now... one. They stare out into the open; a hint at their life together to come. They look at each other - and they see their history, their present, and their future."