Peacocks, an ornate venue in the heart of Madrid and a fabulous dance party - what more could you want! Anu & Jimmy had to postpone their wedding a year and as such, the plans were rerouted from a boho-chic outdoor wedding in Seville to a glam, black-tie wedding in Madrid. Hosted at the CASINO DE MADRID in the heart of the city, the couple wanted to infuse some sweet elements from their backgrounds into the wedding day. Jimmy is half Spanish and grew up in Madrid and Anu is originally from India so it was important to them to blend both of their stories into the day. They now reside in Washington DC, and lots of friends & family were so excited to make the trip to celebrate with them! AUDRA WRISLEY captured these gorgeous images of their day.

The design scheme was simple and elegant, letting the summer vibes of Madrid and the ornate aesthetic of the venue take the lead. Accentuated with ivory and greens and touches of red via the venue and Indian dress, Anu & Jimmy's day was classic and chic, destination black tie at it's finest. During a five-course Spanish-style fine dinner, the couple treated their guests to a variety of incredible wines, a nod to Jimmy & Anu's wine club in Washington DC. Jimmy's studded velvet Versace loafers were such a hit, they incorporated a game played at Indian weddings (Joota Chupai) where the groom's shoes are stolen by the bride's sister and cousins and the groom has to find them and then "bid" on them to get them back! This kicked off the evening in the "disco," with choreographed Indian dances from Anu's family members as well as a fabulous dance party with all the Spanish hits - Marc Anthony and Enrique, of course!