Mysterious Islands with pristine nature in the middle of the Atlantic ocean - is there a better place for a romantic elopement? I think not. And if these beautiful images by TATYANA CHAIKO don't convince you that the Azores Islands need to be on your bucket list, nothing will! 

Marina & Anton met each other in the National University of Kiev, where they both taught computer sciences. Working together every day side by side saw their feelings for each other start to grow, until one day they realised they wanted to spend a lifetime together! Not only did their hearts connect but they both have a huge passion for travel and adventure. Anton - a professional long-distance swimmer - swam across the Bosphorus a year ago and Marina is a horse-rider. She was in love with Portugal having visited many times however there was still one special place in the country where had always dreamt to visit - the Azores Islands. A romantic elopement was just the perfect occasion to make this dream come true. 

Tatyana tells us, "There are no words to express how magical and mind-blowing this place is! It’s a real paradise - especially for a photographer because here you have landscapes for every taste; the ocean, the rollling hills covered with green carpet, blue lakes, blooming hydrangeas all over the island, tropical gardens with palms and - the most breathtaking sunsets! I felt extremely lucky and endlessly thankful - not only for an opportunity to see all this beauty with my own eyes, but also it was such an honour to share this intimate elopement with such a special and loving couple."

Wearing a beautiful gown by CATHYTELLE, Marina & Anton travelled around the island to capture these stunning images with Tatyana, making the most of the vast variety of scenery.