Seeking to capture the simplicity and warmth of true love, this California bridal inspiration by LEA BREMICKER makes the most of the golden light at Laguna Beach. THE ENCHANTED FLORIST created some beautiful textured arrangements and a beautiful RUE DE SEINE wedding gown added the perfect boho touch. For any bride dreaming of a coastal wedding, take heed of the ideas in this post - planning your portrait shoot around the sunset is always a good idea too!

Lea tells us, "Predominantly inspired by the daily joining of the ocean water with the golden sunset rays, this shoot bared simple shades of gold and beige. Though the sunset displayed sophistication, we loved the dynamic of the rough and tumble waves supporting a couple in love. It provided a breathtaking paradox of rough realism and soft simplicity. In this humble atmosphere, the intricacy of true love was able to take the true spotlight. After all, why can't such a simple set up be used to highlight such a genuine celebration of love?"