It's often the sentimental touches that you incorporate into your wedding day that are the most meaningful. Whether it be a special piece of jewellery passed down through generations, a snippet of fabric from your grandmother's wedding dress or simply something borrowed from your best girlfriend. It's this idea that inspired wedding planner MASI EVENTS and photographer ALISA FERRIS to create this shoot. 

Planner Jessica shares with us, "When we dreamt up this editorial shoot with ALISA FERRIS, we wanted to convey inspiration for all those sentimental brides . We wanted to create an editorial shoot that incorporated vintage romance from their grandmother's weddings and the heirlooms of their mother's weddings, but update it to give a modern and personal spin. The setting were the ruins at San Juan Capistrano and then the beach to watch the glimmer in the ocean as the sun set in the horizon.

The engagement ring was a bold sapphire ring that symbolises loyalty, faithfulness and trust. There was a boudoir session during the getting ready with the dramatic lace veil. This has become a wonderful moment for brides during the getting ready to have some more intimate portraits and to later be able to gift their beloved. 

The crest that was created for the invitation has a vintage feel but with deep blue hues that made it feel more modern but with a nod to the past. The deep blue envelopes with white calligraphy offered a beautiful contrast to the pieces. The deep blues and hand painted border on the raw edge of the paper with custom calligraphy and map set the tone for the fête. The hand picked style of the bridal bouquet with watercolour touches of blues ivories and green added the perfect wild touch."