We don't have a strong showing of autumn where I'm from... our seasons are very mild which can be good come the relative depths of winter, but I do wish we had a more colourful display of colour like in this beautiful fall to winter inspiration by JESSICA'S PHOTOGRAPHY. It's my favourite time of year now that the crazy heat and humidity of summer has eased. Incredible florals by SOIL & STEM make the most of the seasons bounty.

Jessica says, "In Utah we enjoy four scenic seasons, and the transition between each season is just as picturesque as the height of each. For this shoot I took inspiration from the fading fall leaves and the crimson and blush floral poinsettias from the holiday season. Fonnesbeck Nursery in Mendon, Utah, was still maintaining some fall plants and preparing to sell beautifully colored poinsettias to grace the homes of our quaint little valley. Their charming greenhouse was the perfect setting for this photo shoot. Nicole Land with SOIL & STEM is a master florist. Every bloom, leaf, and berry is placed with a purpose. I was lucky enough to take a floral arranging class from her in the fall and saw firsthand how she loves every flower. She doesn't throw out a blossom or bud if it has a blemish. She appreciates it and still incorporates it into her design. Her designs are wild and free but elegantly tamed to create some of the most delicate bouquets and centerpieces."