We will forever love a mountain wedding and this Colorado one by SARAH JOELLE PHOTOGRAPHY is a current favourite! There is something about the feminity of a bride juxtaposed against epic mountain landscapes that I love! HANA STYLE DESIGNS created some stunning florals for the day and together with a simple yet striking gown by KELLY FAETANINI they produced a winning combination. 

The gorgeous bride shares some beautiful words about their day with us, "In trying to write something about our wedding, I struggle a bit because there's no single thing that stands out, instead what strikes me is the warmth I feel when I think back on that day. It may not be an exaggeration to say that I'm the most indecisive person you'll ever meet. Every choice needed to be researched, discussed, dismissed and reconsidered. Endless Google searches were conducted and ideas were bounced off of anyone who would listen. An elopement or a wedding? Local or destination? Large or small? And on, and on... 

The endless patience of my husband Matt, our families, and the wonderful vendors we worked with, gave me the time I needed to organize my thoughts. And, I do mean endless patience. No fewer than 15 floor plans were designed for the reception. Our florist received a PowerPoint presentation of potential color schemes. The linen order was changed (and changed again). And, the venue was peppered with thoughts and questions for months leading up to the wedding.

What had the greatest impact, however, wasn't the décor, the dress, the cake or any other carefully chosen detail; it was seeing Matt in the mountains as the sun rose during our first-look photo shoot. It was that first moment after the ceremony when nerves were no longer necessary and the celebration began. It was closing down the bar at the end of the night, surrounded by people we love, knowing every ounce of effort was worth it and that we'd never forget this day. 

In the end, I tried to make simple, classic choices and fill the day with things we'd never tire of. But, tiring of our wedding seems impossible. Even months later, I live for the photos. I keep Polaroids stashed in my wallet and a digital album on my phone. Whenever I have a moment, I flip through the pictures and relive it again. 

It was perfect."