To celebrate the opening of a new mountaintop venue - THE RIDGE - in their hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, husband and wife team ALMOND LEAF STUDIOS were inspired to bring a fresh elegance to the natural landscape. Using a beautifully warm autumn palette the shoot features a stunning table design adorned with a greenery garland by FLORA EVENTS with little snippets of deep red, plum and pomegranate which is also followed through in the amazing bouquet. The paper suite with a light grey calligraphy by LONG VILLAGE LETTERING keeps the visuals from being overrun with colour and adds a nice neutral balance - as do the amazing place names on petrified wood coasters.

Elizabeth from ALMOND LEAF STUDIOS explains, "I believe deep in our being... in our soul, we find comfort in our smallness. We go to the ocean, a cathedral, the woods, the mountains, all to feel the absolute grander of it. We feel small and yet there's an invitation to be a part of the enormity. So we go and sit at her edges and ridges to feel her embrace, just like a father's embrace when we were so small. We feel the embrace of the universe... the mystery of infinity and it's vastness. We feel small and yet connected. So we invite our loved ones. We bring our friends. To the mountain top. This marriage on the ridge. We vow our love. We share a unifying kiss in the presence of eternity."