David & Leigh's wedding was a truly international affair. Guests came from far and wide - the groom's home country of Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Holland, Finland, Luxembourg, Korea, Hawaii, Australia, America, Ukraine and Brazil. Yep like I said, very international! Even their amazing photographer, BRITTANY MAHOOD came from Canada to capture their special day. Their desire to keep things natural, simple and classic dictated the style of their Tauranga wedding, "We wanted to mix a bit of old vintage with clean modern stuff and natural materials like wood and herbs." the bride tells us. We're loving these gorgeous portraits of the bridal party on the beaches of Tauranga.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: David took me for a night picnic on a little island overlooking the surf of our local beach. He had set up a cheeseboard with all sorts of treats we would have usually on our anniversary. On the board underneath it all, was a little spray painted unicorn with 'Will you marry me?' The unicorn was a running theme for us – he started drawing them to 'woo' me before we got together. He then proposed in German, his native language.

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: It wasn't so much finding the dress as finding an inspirational dress maker named Nicky Hayward. Nicky worked with me to come up with something classic and contemporary that would be a one of a kind piece – and she did an amazing job. It was so special to have something custom made and Nicky was super relaxed and sweet to work with.

ANY DIY ELEMENTS? We did our own planning and decorating, with little spray painted dinosaurs and wood rings. I also did my own makeup.

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS: They were more herbs than flowers, with a few white lisianthus. We had a fair bit of rosemary and such. Our florist did a great job putting together just what we were after and it was also budget friendly this way.

FAVOURITE DETAIL OF THE DAY: David's parents couldn't make it to New Zealand, but were able to watch the service via Facetime which was special. That was the only phone on as we went media free.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE OUT TO A COUPLE PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? Just relax and don't take it all too seriously. Expect the last couple of days to be a bit stressful even if you are super organised.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT? After the ceremony we drove ourselves. We stopped by a liquor store kiwi barefoot style, grabbed a bottle of sparkling and just had some time to chill together.

ANY OTHER DETAILS THAT TELL THE STORY OF YOUR DAY: We met before the wedding at the beach, this was so much more relaxed than waiting until a room full of people are staring at you!