We don't instantly equate an 'old-world' aesthetic with Hawaii but Hawaii wedding photographers DMITRI & SANDRA together with COUTURE EVENTS have proved that you create whatever you desire, anywhere you desire, with a little thought.

We wanted to create something different in Maui, something Old World, French inspired and romantic with some colour and depth. Textures were important, as you can tell. Bleached fern, rustic antique lanterns, tarnished silver, petrified wood serving boards and hand made paper were among some of our favourite pieces used.”

Incorporating food onto the table (that is actually edible and not solely for design) is very functional. It’s an unexpected element and gives guests something to enjoy right away when they are seated. It can also act as an icebreaker for guests if they are seated amongst other guests they may not know. Plus, who doesn’t love a cheese platter?!