Most often on this site we celebrate the new beginnings of marriage, and whilst of course that's always something to celebrate, it's love through the years, the everlasting kind and all its ups and downs, that is what we all want in our lives. I'm going to hand you straight over to the man behind the lens, ELI DE FARIA PHOTOGRAPHY since he explains his inspiration so well!

"It's so easy to romanticise "love" isn't it? I mean, how can you not? Love is everything that is good and beautiful, but for anyone that has been married for a while, they can say that love is all of those things, but it is also challenging, it's uncomfortable, and sometimes ugly; but ultimately, love is about commitment. And when we are willing to fight for each other, those ugly things become beautiful things. The more you fight for something, the more value it has. 

When planning for this editorial I struggled to find the story I wanted to tell. It's easy to photograph pretty dresses and gorgeous flowers, but it's very hard to find a reason why (at least for me). So as I started to explore some ideas, I came across this scripture from Ruth where she talks about her commitment to someone who she loves dearly.

There's something so bold about that. Even when faced with opposition, she is choosing to stay. She's letting this person know that no matter what happens, she will go where they go, and stay where they stay...  unceasing commitment, even through the ugly. 

So this concept of relentless love is how our shoot came to be. I think this is most evident in THE WELLS MAKERY invites and the florals by EARTH & VESSEL. Annie's use of dark and moody tones with a painting of two lovers forever locked in a fervent kiss evokes so much passion. By contrast, Savannah's bouquet is wild with mostly dry elements, a hint of vibrant green plumosa ferns, and a dash of chocolate lace flower. But even with thorns, it is an elegant arrangement nonetheless. And isn't that what love is, actually? An elegant arrangement of the bad parts and the good parts? On top of that, our gorgeous model was adorned by a MAIDEN BRIDAL gown, a semi fitted dress with short sleeves that fell loosely over the shoulder like a silky runner. The subtle blue detail of the dress ties in to the dark blue sloes, the fruit growing on the thorns; also a nod at how beautiful things can be birthed out of pain. In then end, when you fight hard enough, it's always beautiful. It's commitment!"