In a world of muted, neutral or pastel colour palettes (yep guilty as charged!) Texas wedding photographer KRISTIN LA VOIE set out to embark on a colourful journey with this bridal shoot, emphasising the beauty and pure joy in a bride-to-be's world. 

Kristin tells us, "Bridal sessions are extremely popular in the southern US, but we wanted to ditch the glitz and glam approach for an extremely laid back and natural look to highlight this stunning bride's emotional high of happiness in the days leading to her wedding. LE SAN MICHELE was the perfect venue to evoke the romantic, natural vibe inherit in this setting, with its Italian villa look."

We love the idea of having a bridal session before your big day. It's not widely done but if you're someone who's not terribly confident in front of the camera (I'm literally THE worst myself!) having a short session with your wedding photographer in the lead up is such a great idea to ensure you're a bit more comfortable when the main event arrives. 

A huge thank you to Texas wedding photographer KRISTIN LA VOIE for sharing this bright and cheery bridal shoot with us. If you're an Austin bride looking a Texas wedding photographer be sure to check out more of Kristin's portfolio in our vendor guide

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