We're always smitten with the beautiful luminous photography of WINSOME & WRIGHT and this stunning Yosemite engagement shoot is just further proof of why. Gorgeous florals by WILDER FLORAL CO. are a complete knock out! We can't wait to see what this gorgeous couple have in store for their wedding!

Bride-to-be Cynthia tells us, "I guess everyone has that one thing that really matters to them, and for some brides (grooms) it might be the dress, the ring, or even choosing the right shoes, that one thing that takes them longest to decide and for me it would have to be the decision to take a prewedding pictures and by whom. I must say on this matter I took most of the work, researching, comparing, and finally we have come up with an idea that we are both on board for, and that is to take our pictures during our short trip in the US. I am particularly meticulous in the matter of photography because I love taking pictures myself, never take it to a professional step but I used to live parts of my life in Switzerland where sceneries were effortless and basically demanding to be captured, so I went on to search on styles that would suits both of our personalities best. Indonesia is flooded with good photographers but unfortunately the ones that I'm looking for are not that abundantly available yet, that is film photography. I guess the culture is also widely different, Indonesians tends to take this to whole other level, taking a trip solely for their prewedding pictures, taking days, several photographers following them around, multiple dresses, make up artists, props, while me and Rheza are both entirely against this type of endeavours, we crave for something different, something that's ours, intimate and that is how we think that taking it during our US trip is the perfect idea. Long story short, I found Faith's page on Instagram and several other film photographers, but stylewise, I must say I fell in love with Winsome and Wright almost instantly and I'm a true believer for first impressions (I guess it is also the reason me and Rheza are together, I must have seen something gold in him almost 13 years ago when we first met!) The process afterwards went smoothly until the day we have to meet up for our 2 hours session, it was memorable, I would say it went just like how I imagined it to be, and as much as sometimes I hate myself for being a perfectionist and meticulous about every little details, I love Faith for being the same, it is a quality that I noticed during our session, but she and Kevin were so lovely, that I would never have imagined anyone else capturing that special moment for us. I have those moments before the day of our session that I would questioned myself, but I guess you must have a little faith to expect great things to happen right? 

Rheza and I met when we were really young, I was around 13 or 14 years old. Our friendship continued to grow but never came down to wedding bells until we actually began the next chapter of our friendship almost two years ago. You know the type of stories you watch in movies about couples that kept on missing their chance to get together? Well in our case it happened just like that, we always managed to pick the wrong time to rekindle our relationship, he was overseas, and I was overseas, until by the grace of God finally we were on the same timeline again around two years ago when I decided to move back to Indonesia after I completed my degrees. We were good friends (although I'm pretty sure I stole his first kiss 10 years ago), soon after we got together, we knew that it is us, him and me, both of us, belong to each other, and our long standing friendship was the witness of our compassion towards each other for that many years ago and many more to come. As for the wedding, like most couples, I as the bride-to-be have the magical experience to arrange and decide on most of the details, I guess that is the trust Rheza puts on my shoulder that I couldn't be happier to carry. As a person who is very particular about everything, I found this rather easy. My tastes on everything are quite specific and particular and so I can easily found that small gems through all the vendors that can deliver our dream wedding day. Again, something intimate, from church, until the reception, we hoped to have something memorable, having most of our guest flying in to Indonesia for the to attend time to attend our wedding from all over the world, friends, good friends that we cultivated during our lives journey, I was the only Indonesian in my class in Switzerland, I have friends in over 70 different nationalities and Rheza also spend his University life down under in Australia, I really hope it to be something they cannot forget. There is a huge cultural difference for an eastern wedding compared to western ones, not trying to differentiate and saying who's got the better ones but we both just prefer the western style, a typical Indonesian wedding would have 1000 guests and it is considered less for them, so we both just love to laugh at the idea. Long story short, our wedding will still uphold the essence of our Chinese Indonesian tradition yet have a little of Western magical touches on it, fingers crossed."