I was privileged to be along for the ride and witness this beautiful engagement shoot of my friend, Texas wedding photographer CHARLA STOREY to her fiance Jesse, earlier this year. Together with Colorado wedding photographer BRUMLEY & WELLS - who had travelled down to Marfa, Texas meet up with us all - we stayed in the coolest Airbnb which provided the perfect vibe for the opening scenes of the shoot. After exploring some locations around this unique town we headed into the desert for some stunning images against a sky that looked like it had been painted on! It was such a fun few days and I couldn't be happier for this wonderful couple who have become dear friends!

Charla shares more of their story with us, "Jesse and I met in junior high, we did not get along back then, but we ran around in the same group of friends so we stayed in touch. In fact he dated my best friend at the time, but that's another story. After college Jesse moved back to town and I had a spare bedroom that he ended up rented from me. After being roommates for over two years we became best friends and things got awkward. Imagine going on your 1st date,  and already living together. He walked me to my door, we had the worst first kiss ever, and if you could've told us that we would eventually get married someday when we were 13, we would've never believed you. The world sure works in mysterious ways. But he is my best friend, my adventure buddy, and I'm so excited to spend the rest my lives together!