It was whilst deep in the tragedy that was Hurricane Irma that KT CRABB PHOTOGRAPHY intended to go on a mission with her fellow vendors to showcase the most beautiful areas of Florida - a kind of landscape that we don't often see in Florida weddings. Sadly nature stepped in and had other plans for them but not to be defeated, they postponed their plans and returned to create this beauty featuring a stunning CAROL HANNAH BRIDAL and florals by PORCH THERAPY. Katie tells us, "Our hope is to always expand the idea of brides and grooms for locations for their wedding days. Florida has so much more to offer than just beaches and ballrooms. The vision was set to have our shoot take place at what we consider to be one of Florida's best hidden gems - Rock Springs. It's full of cool rushing water with a colour that reminds some of the shores of a Caribbean island. We patiently waited for the date of our shoot to arrive when our plans were thwarted by Hurricane Irma. We felt the pain of wedding couples as they tried to salvage and adjust for their dream day. Our styled shoot fell to the back burner as we endured the storm and spent the next few weeks recovering. It's hard to fully describe the experience if you haven't endured a hurricane, but I can say that it felt like the rest of the world kept of spinning while we sat stationary. 

As we picked up the pieces, the dream of the shoot felt far off. But what we learned from the resilience of our couples that created beautiful moments on their seemingly impossible wedding day, we too need to make the most of our dream. We patiently waited for the springs to be opened back up to the public, but it was announced it would take a least a few months. We made the quick decision to completely alter our plans, embrace some of the destruction left by mother nature and create a new piece of inspiration. Our site went from water focused to embracing Florida's unique trees even if that meant they were toppled over in the storm. With this in mind, we found the Lake Runnymede Conservation Area to serve as the perfect backdrop for our new mission - inspiring others that in the midst of confusion and chaos, beauty can still be found and love can still be celebrated."