The serenity and simplicity of this shoot by KYCHELLE PHOTOGRAPHY is so inspiring. I can't think of a more calming way to spend your bridal morning. AMBER REVERIE has done a beautiful job of styling this to lend an authentic feel to it. We love the organic nature of the paper goods by WILDFIELD PAPER CO. and the beautiful floral arrangement by Amber.

Amber tells us, "There is a serene beauty in meaningful daily rituals. On the morning of her wedding, this lovely bride finds moments of quiet still life in her real life as she pays homage to her Japanese heritage. Surrounded by old world textures of handmade silks and aged pottery, everyday routines like sipping tea, meditation and dressing become significant acts of gentle reflection before a wedding day full of ceremony. Soaking in these moments of simple pleasure, she spends her morning arranging flowers in the subtle art of ikebana, and hand writing vows by a twelfth century Japanese poet. 'You left impressions unforgettable and when I view our moon your image surfaces and that love seems forever.' Finally, she dons an antique embroidered kimono and silk gown with handmade jewelry and is ready to wed her love."