San Francisco wedding photographer LARISSA CLEVELAND had been dreaming of shooting on the Utah Salt Flats ever since her first road trip across the United States ten years ago when she was moving cross-country. She tells us, "As I whizzed by the expansive flat space and mountain range in my moving van, I remember thinking - 'One day I'll be back here to make something magical!' It took a decade, but I finally got my Bonneville Salt Flats shoot."

I could not have asked for better subjects - Alex and Tyler are in fact a real couple, but they are also both models professionally. Combined with the stunning attire, the landscape, and having an amazing hair & make-up artist traveling with us - Rebecca of SHERRIE LONG ARTISTS... it was every photographers dream session!

We shot at both sunrise and sunset. For sunrise, we went classic and ethereal. I chose to shoot in a part of the flats that happened to be flooded from recent storms. This allowed for beautiful reflections on the water, both of the couple and also the mountains & sky. Alex wore PRONOVIAS ATELIER and Tyler wore a white dinner jacket tuxedo. 

For the sunset shoot, I chose a location that was dry and cracked from the sun exposure. Almost looks like we're in the desert! I wanted this look to be bold, daring and colourful - We went for marigold tones against the blue sky into setting sun. Alex wore an incredible dress made by LEANNE MARSHALL, and Tyler wore a gold vintage style tux. Right on cue the wind picked up, which really played up the amazing fabric on the Leanne Marshall dress. Then for twilight, Alex and Tyler changed into a casual look for the last few minutes of light. We just let loose and played until it was dark. It was an amazing trip... I'm already dreaming of a next time!"

A big thank you to San Francisco wedding photographer LARISSA CLEVELAND for sharing this stunning Salt Flats inspiration with us today. Larissa’s fine art photography is a unique blend of photojournalism, classic portraiture and editorial style, resulting in images that are both timeless and modern in the same breath. Modern in that they evoke emotion and tell a story as a photojournalist might. Timeless in their beauty, true-to-life colour palette, and composition in congruence with an editorial look and feel. If you're looking for a San Francisco wedding photographer be sure to check out more of Larissa's work in our VENDOR GUIDE, and you might also want to see this stunning Ethereal & enchanting bridal inspiration in White Sands, New Mexico.