A summery wedding with a South American vibe sounds pretty appealing right? ANYA KERNES PHOTOGRAPHY together with stylistSTAR HANSEN EVENTS bought a little of Patagonia to Southern California. With a unique floral installation by MULBERRY & MOSS and a stunning bouquet, a JLM COUTURE gown and a contemporary table design that features alpaca furs it demonstrates how you can use a country or region as your inspiration without being too literal. 

Stylists STAR HANSEN EVENTS tell us more, "Patagonia is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been! From the moment you arrive you know you are in a special place - the fresh mountain area literally takes your breath away. There is beauty no matter where you turn though the landscape varies depending on where you are. There are areas with harsh terrain, jagged rocks, and prickly plants; however, there are also areas with bright green grass, wildflowers, and gorgeous moss covered tress. I traveled to Patagonia during their summer (due to the elements, it is difficult to visit in any other season). Though it was the warmest time of the year, the weather can change at the drop of a pin. One of the locals said that a Patagonian summer gives you all four seasons in one day and we definitely did experience it that way.

Patagonia's unique and majestic beauty was the inspiration for this styled shoot which I tilted “Summer In Patagonia". We chose the THE LODGE AT MALIBOU LAKE as the setting for this shoot because it has lots of gorgeous outdoor space and indoors it has the rustic and cozy ambiance of a lodge. I used various shades of grey to represent the rocky terrain, black sand beaches and dark angry clouds that passed through the sky multiple times a day. The bright white accents pay tribute to the snow on the mountains and the alpaca furs that are used throughout the land to keep people warm and comfortable. Pops of colour were added to represent the colourful foliage and the flowers that grew wild in many parts of the countryside. Along with this colour palette, I incorporated contrasting florals and design elements to bring my vision to life and to give the idea of seasonal changes that seem to occur daily in the summer. I mixed modern angular pieces reminiscent of the steep mountains that shot up into the sky with natural rustic pieces to reflect Patagonia’s rugged terrain. The result was unique and beautiful just like the magical place of Patagonia!"