We're all familiar with the vibrant colours of the streets of Havana and Cuba as a whole really, but what you can't pick up through the images is the hum and energetic buzz that is ever present in this unique city. Parisian wedding photographer SANDRINE BOYER-ENGEL worked with designer LA PETITE FABRIQUE A EVENEMENTS and captured this relaxed yet uber hip and stylish bridal shoot featuring fashion from Parisian designers ETIENNE JEANSON and ANNE-CECILE TOLIAN.

Sandrine tells us, "It was middle of winter and I wanted so bad to organise a photoshoot on an island with sunny weather. It was difficult to organise it from France as I had nobody to help me out there. I finally found Karina the model and we did it all together with the planner Benedicte. The story we wanted to tell is the story of a young bride living abroad who comes back to La Havana, where she comes from, and she goes back to familiar places, does her errands, buys fruits and wander the streets of her childhood.

When we arrived in Cuba, our time there was amazing. The people were very friendly and it was so interesting to listen to the stories of the country. We felt that finally they can really express what they feel. They had a very difficult history but want to look to the future. Karina personified this youth and the hope of the whole country."

Sandrine is a member of our Vendor Guide and a recommended France wedding photographer. Visit her portfolio to see more of her work.