Salt Lake City wedding photographer LINDSEY STEWART had the privilege of attending Ginny Au's LOOM CURATED workshop earlier this year and documented this beautifully intimate and thoughtful scene that was set up as a branding shoot. 

Lindsey shares her thoughts with us, "LOOM was a life changing experience for me. GINNY AU created spaces that honoured the authentic and soulful experience of women and couples. For each Loom shoot you walked into each scene blind. There is no prep or shot list, or preconceived notions of what to expect. The experience was about really focusing in on the energy and story of each person, capturing authentic and real moments. This gorgeous bathroom shoot was the first of four shoots, and I immediately started tearing up when I saw beautiful Chaduer. She radiated grace, motherhood, strong feminine energy and love. It was a gift to photograph in such a quiet way, focusing on movement and moments with Chaduer. The shoot was designed as a branding shoot for JONESY NYC, and so much care and thought was put into creating a soulful experience within that room. As a mother, I love photographing another mother, in a shoot created and realised by women and a product designed by a woman. It was an amazing experience that I was so grateful to be a part of."

A huge thanks to Salt Lake City wedding photographer LINDSEY STEWART for sharing this beautiful lifestyle shoot with us. With each story she photographs, from families to first loves, her heart is in the details. She relishes getting to know her clients in order to better capture their story. You can see more of her work in our vendor guide, and if you're a Utah bride looking for a Salt Lake City wedding photographer you should definitely check her out.