Photographer RACHEL RED is taking us on a picturesque journey through the South of France with these dreamy images of idyllic small village life.

"I was recently invited to travel to a little town called Durfort in the south of France to photograph a floral workshop focused on foraging and fell in love with the character and ease of lifestyle this section of the world provided. Families sit down for meals together here. They take time to look each other in the eye. If there is not enough time in the day to finish every task, it simply does not get done. It was a trip that my soul needed as a busy photographer constantly up against deadlines that I realized there I had been placing on myself. 

We stayed in a 17th century chateau with a streaming waterfall in the back yard called La Cascade. The private chef there, Nese, also served as our guide through the cobblestone streets of each little village surrounding the area. Each village was known for a different trade. One in particular made copper pots that each homeowner displayed proudly, hung by their front door with homegrown flowers cascading down. Another was known for their fresh water that flowed through a man-made aqueduct in the middle of the street. Another still was the birthplace of the oldest and most beautiful fresh market in France. To capture the essence of the southern French architecture without the tourists, we rose early in the morning and roamed the streets. It was a peaceful and rejuvenating experience. These simple villages with populations averaging around 200 people showed so much character in their preservation and pride in their culture."