I've travelled a fair bit in my life but I've never been to Japan. It's somewhere that I'd love to go at some stage. The culture is just so different to anywhere else, I think it would be fascinating. Today we are sharing these beautiful images from CHYMO & MORE and Chymo is sharing some of her thoughts on her visit there.

"Japan just draws me in. The fascinating culture, appreciation of the ordinary, Buddhism influences, minimalistic designs, the perfectly imperfect aesthetics known as wabi-sabi, and the ultimate harmony between the old and the new.

I've been visiting Japan over the past few years and it's a forever-inspiring place for me personally and artistically. These photos were shot during the cherry blossom season in Kyoto and Nara, two of the most ancient cities in Japan with countless temples and richest history. I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon than in a tea-house garden enjoying the tranquil moments.

Although Japan has a high population density, it is mostly covered by largely uninhibited mountains and forests. I also love the countryside of Arashiyama and Wakayama, where I was able to soak myself in the lush nature. Another favourite is the sea-side town Kamakura which situates not far from Tokyo. It's modern, laid-back, filled with characteristic shops selling local produces and amazing coffee. The coastline is the best place to stroll and watch all the surfers spending their morning on the waves. I'm excited to go back to Japan this September and see this amazing country in autumn. Surely it will be no short of astonishing.