Just reading SHAUNA VEASEY'S anecdote of her time in Italy has me desperate to pack my bags and just head to Italy with no agenda - nothing more to do than sit at sidewalk cafes and sip coffee and watch the world go by. Sounds like utter bliss! Shauna recounts her and husband's experience there...

"He looked at me with wide eyes. We awkwardly laughed as we realised that everything we had ever heard about Italian drivers must be true. As our private transfer from the rail station whipped us through the tiny winding Roman streets at a seat-gripping pace, it hit me: This is living! I am so thankful for a husband who understands my desire for adventure and is always down for the ride. Whether it be en route to our hotel in Rome or a new chapter in life, having him by my side is my favourite part of the journey.

Brandon and I split our visit to Italy between Rome and Positano this summer and it was beyond our dreams. Italy was rich with history and culture. There was so much colour, texture and inspiration everywhere we went - every photographer's dream. The views were endless and the architecture was unlike anything we'd ever seen. Each building had so much detail and intricacy; every little inch felt intentional in design as if to tell a story. In Italy things are smaller, more quaint, and life is lived much slower and less distracted. The change of pace was so refreshing. Romance and art are engrained in everything they do. We dined on balconies or along the ancient streets where the aroma of homemade pasta, red wine and gelato lingers for miles. It just doesn't get any better than that. Positano quickly became my favourite tiny pastel city on the cliffs and Rome had more history and substance than anywhere else we're ever been. We can't wait to go back!