You probably know by now - if you've been reading Magnolia Rouge for some time - that I'm obsessed with paper goods! As a former wedding stationery designer it's still one of the things I gravitate most towards when viewing a wedding or editorial. And seeing a little of the process and the behind the scenes of creative studios is always fun! Today we have the beautiful work of Nikki from SHOTGUNNING FOR LOVE LETTERS - who runs an artisan calligraphy studio based in Baltimore but working with clients worldwide. Head over to her website to read more of her story - it's very inspiring!

Nikki tells us, "In the early stages of planning this shoot, I wanted to capture the feeling behind my brand and what things look like when they’re a bit undone. I’m a fan of less structure and believe things eventually work themselves out and unfold organically. I collaborated with Jenna from POP THE CORK DESIGNS on pulling together style ideas and she knows my work style well. She is always walking around my studio telling me to organise, but that just isn’t me. Instead, we embraced my need for messy. I painted a drop cloth and we sprawled my work across it. That moment felt symbolic in a way and truly an expression of how I think things should be-- a little imperfect. I started Shotgunning for Love Letters during a time that I needed quiet, mindful, imperfect moments to myself. For me, calligraphy is about patience and focus. After a health scare, my husband and I eloped. I joked about the reasons I imagined people would think we had a shotgun wedding, but said it was really just for love. The letters came later as calligraphy became my escape. My favourite thing about working on calligraphy in my studio is that I can’t think about anything else when I’m focusing on lettering and that feels perfect. I’m inspired by little drops of ink where they’re not supposed to be, thoughtful words that scream romance when written in calligraphy, and the reason I started practicing this old trade." These beautiful images by STACY BAUER PHOTOGRAPHY showcase her work and the imperfect process behind it.