There's something quite magical about sand dunes isn't there? Three hours Southeast of Los Angeles in Glamis, you can escape from the busy city life and be transformed into an entirely different world. Offering beautiful tones with a minimal and clean backdrop, they are every portrait photographer’s dream. For this engagement shoot Southern California wedding photographer LE VIE PHOTOGRAPHY kept it simple and classic and let the couple’s love story unfold as he captured the entire thing on film. He tells us, "Although it was no easy feat to battle with the crazy dusts and wind, Alex and Eugenie made the best of the harsh environment and allowed me to visually tell their truly beautiful love story."

Southern California wedding photographer LE VIE PHOTOGRAPHY seeks to create imagery that holds a deeper meaning and will stand the test of time. He focuses on capturing what is most important: life's moments. As a visual biographer, he seeks to capture authentic imageries that tell life's beautiful stories. His goal as a photographer is to take his audience back to each moment and give them the same exact feelings he felt when he captured his images. Every image created by Viet is an invitation into his world. A world that he believes is fill with beauty and hope. You can see more of his portfolio here in the Magnolia Rouge Vendor Guide. Head over to see more of his work in this Calm & Serene early morning couples shoot.