We're sharing an intimate quiet morning shoot by Northern California wedding photographer LE VIE PHOTOGRAPHY today... perfect for a weekend at home! Viet tells us, "On this quiet morning, I was invited into Monica and Gabriel's home to document their story before they headed out and continue their busy Los Angeles lives. It is the only time they get to slow down a little and just enjoy each other's company. The goal for this shoot was to capture the calmness and serenity of early mornings - a moment that's often lost in today's busy world. We wanted to create images that were authentic and raw. To keep things simple and relaxing, I had the couple in their lounge attire. We started the intimate and quiet session in bed, where they shared soft moments and embraced in each other's warmth. Their morning officially begins as their puppy, Roxy, jumps on their bed and wakes them up. As Gabriel gets up out of bed to get dress and freshen up, Monica follows along and gets ready to make some coffee for the two. She washes and cut some fruits to snack on as Gabriel make a simple oatmeal breakfast for the both of them. They enjoy their breakfast together talking about their plans for the day. And with the little time they have left, they spent the rest of the morning enjoying each other's company and playing with their puppy, Roxy."

Northern California wedding photographer LE VIE PHOTOGRAPHY seeks to create imagery that holds a deeper meaning and will stand the test of time. He focuses on capturing what is most important: life's moments. As a visual biographer, he seeks to capture authentic imageries that tell life's beautiful stories. His goal as a photographer is to take his audience back to each moment and give them the same exact feelings he felt when he captured his images. Every image created by Viet is an invitation into his world. A world that he believes is fill with beauty and hope. You can see more of his portfolio here in the Magnolia Rouge Vendor Guide.