We love to see wedding photographers push the boundaries of what we consider 'traditional' bridal images. By doing so it gives brides food for thought when it comes to their own wedding day imagery. It goes without saying that the focus should be on the ceremony first and foremost, but for many getting beautiful images to treasure for a lifetime is high on the list of priorities. And seeing shoots like this allows us all to think outside the box in terms of what art we can create. I mean let's be honest... who doesn't want to create their own piece of art from their wedding day? Portugal wedding photographers BRANCOPRATA are inspiring us today with this contemporary take on a bridal shoot.

They tell us, "Oftentimes editorial work is a great excuse to test ideas we have, and things we want to see portrayed in a certain way. It's a process of selecting thoughts and then, preparing written, visual, audible, and ultimately film images that tell a story that reflects our vision! 

This shoot, is based on the "faithful reproduction" of the human vision, through the perspective used, thus creating a pattern of thoughts and behaviours far beyond which is expected in reality.

The word perspective means seeing through, one of the meanings of "perspicere", in a literal translation of the word Greek optiké. Since its emergence, in the Renaissance, almost all painting obeyed this method of representation. The prospect was a record that produced the illusion reality, showing the objects in space in their correct positions and sizes. The perspective captures the visual and stabilizes them, transforming the observer in which the whole world converges.

She is the vanishing point, the illusion, the perspective, is our focus (which sometimes appears in the middle of white smoke and in other times it is marked with shadows). All lines intertwine in it, creating complex patterns that translate into poses and thoughts. The detail is clear in the way it is portrayed, which is only a detail, defines the particularity of our vanishing point: her."

A huge thank you to Portuguese wedding photographer BRANCOPRATA for sharing this truly beautiful wedding editorial with us and for inspiring us to think outside the box when it comes to wedding day photography.

BRANCOPRATA is a member of our recommended Portugal wedding photographers and an incredible wedding photographer with the experience and knowledge you can trust. They have photographed beautiful weddings throughout the world and stunning editorials like this Vibrant autumn wedding ideas.