The striking mood created by the gloomy light rays passing through the metal structures were the ideal canvas for this poised day captured by GABRIELLA RIGGIERI. A subtle and sombre colour palette and simple styling details curated by THE ROMANTICIST STUDIOS were the perfect choice to present the deep love shared on this day. This bride knows, to her core, the impact of few but curated items in celebrating their day and enjoying their guests.

"We wanted to showcase this vision of an aura, a mysterious ‘cloak’ that envelops a bride-to-be and makes her glow brighter than any other day. The ALEXANDRA GRECCO dress delicately shows the body while building on the mystery with a see-through cape, and intentional bridal styling draws all eyes in and ‘invites’ them to linger a little longer." says photographer, Gabriella.

"We wanted to create images that cure our longing for making art, so together our team crafted something that is simple yet dimensional. Pushing past what can be straightforward about photography, we made images that keep a viewing eye lingering. If you stare long enough, you find intricacies. The way colours play off of each other, the way your eyes drift from her earrings to the light on her collar bone, her freckles. The dimensionality is often not in what is pictured, but what may be just outside of the photo."

Paper was an important element designed to showcase the colours, the modern style, and most importantly, the feel of the day. Menus and name cards create an inviting and warm atmosphere for guests to connect and enjoy the day. From the handmade ceramic plates to the beautiful selection of desserts, it is designed so guests might enjoy each detail as a central and purposely placed item. Minimal florals and decor put the experience and the people at the centre of it all."

This gorgeous editorial also features in Issue 18 of MAGNOLIA ROUGE MAGAZINE.