If you're after some bridal inspiration that's a little different from the oft-seen blush and ivory, then you're going to want to feast your eyes on this beauty by LAURA GORDON and stylist EAST MADE CO. It's just dreamy, perfectly moody and screams chic sophistication! Enjoy!

Inspired by a series of contrasts and the opulent and textural design features found in the SOCIETY OF THE CINCINNATI (also known as Anderson House) in the heart of Washington DC, stylist Elizabeth of EAST MADE CO and florist Ali of WILD POLLEN sought to push the bridal boundaries of more "typical" pastel colour palettes by prominently featuring two bolder colours; rust and emerald, at the center of this floral-focused editorial. Captured by LAURA GORDON in the springtime yet evoking an autumn mood, curry and emerald velvet linens from LA TAVOLA and rust patterned ribbons from EAST COAST TRIMMING mimic the curtains, great tapestry, and marble floor pattern on display at this historic venue.

In addition to lush textiles and saturated colours, Ali crafted multiple stunning floral arrangements using branchy dogwoods and fluffy roses to infuse even more texture and contrast into the design. ANNA BREEDING created luminous, natural makeup for our bride, sprinkling gold foil flecks in the inner corners of her eyes to play on the embellished gold room at the venue. Gowns with opposite textures from MIRA ZWILLINGER and CAROL HANNAH pair together as a surprise juxtaposition, similar to the contrasting play of natural light and dark shadows in this entirely film gallery by LAURA GORDON. The luminous portraits of our bride demonstrate that film can even be used in darker venues; in fact, richer colours and contrast only enhance the luxe mood.