Sometimes I just want to feature pretty wedding gowns! Simply so we can 'ooooo and aaaahhh' over them because I have no plans to be wearing one again! So when gorgeousness comes along and hits you in the face in the form of a beautiful imagery from our friend JUSTIN TEARNEY, well, it makes this blog editor pretty happy! I mean aren't these images just dreamy? And doesn't this have you itching to play dress ups? Or of course simply wear a gown like this for your wedding!

Justin tells us, "Back in the Spring, right before the busyness of wedding season hit, I was invited to participate in a feature photo shoot for Dream Weddings which is a blog, magazine and television show that my wife works for. Truly, we are all in this amazing industry where we get to pair our creativity with the beauty and happiness that surround couples in love. When Martine, the producer and editor-in-chief, extended the invitation to me, I was honoured to be included as I wasn't there as the main feature photographer. I was invited just to have the opportunity to shoot my perspective on what he so elegantly put together. I love when this is the environment that exists at a styled shoot... no competition, just a bunch of creatives becoming friends, working together and styling something pretty to hopefully inspire brides. This particular feature was pairing a restored, urban ballroom with a variety of gowns. I personally gravitate towards minimalism so I loved how in each photo, there were two subjects: the bride and the space."

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