Ok if these two aren't 'couple goals' I truly don't know who would be. Sydney wedding photographer AMELIA SOEGIJONO captured Steve & Stacy on the Australia's Goldcoast in this fun and sexy photo shoot. With creative direction by OLEA & FIG the results are truly stunning.

Amelia tells us, "Steve and Stacy has been married for 7 years. I photographed their love story just before they left Australia to begin a new chapter as husband and wife in New York City. They got married at the NYC courthouse but never got proper wedding portraits with a white dress taken! So fast forward to this day and we reunited to photograph their anniversary shoot.

We wanted to tell the other side of Steve and Stacy’s adventurous love story as well by letting them play on the shores of Goldcoast where they now reside. Steve and Stacy met while travelling and these relaxed photographs of them playing with the waves express their love for life, fun and the intense friendship and passionate love between them!

A huge thank you to Sydney wedding photographer AMELIA SOEGIJONO for letting us share this lovely anniversary shoot today. If you're a Sydney bride be sure to check out more of Amelia's work in our vendor guide. As a wedding photographer Amelia is invested in your love story. "Working with you is not just another job to be completed but it is truly an honour and a gift and my life's work."

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