We love to showcase the work of creative people in their elements, and getting a little insight into artists working environment helps us to appreciate what they do even more. Melissa of LISSA RYAN PHOTOGRAPHY recently had the opportunity to document Naveen of SPURLE GUL STUDIO (a calligrapher and paper maker) indulging in the delicate art of hand lettering as well as the invigorating craft of paper making at the beautifully outfitted LOFT AT 600F. Lissa says, "I love observing and capturing creatives while they are at work - there's something so inspiring about the passion and love they put into their process and Naveen is no exception."

"The sound of a pristine metal nib scraping across the coarse skin of a handmade sheet of cotton paper is one of those fleeting pleasures that is difficult to quantify but impossible to not be moved by. It's comfort food for the soul and it is that magical moment that we hoped to capture and communicate through this shoot.

Each picture is crafted to reflect the love, attention to detail and deliberation that goes into the process of creating such fine art. With this remarkable insight into the intricate world of stationery we hope to encourage our viewers to indulge their own creative side and let the nib of inspiration scrape across the surface of their own imagination!