We're slowing things down mid-week with this 'Easy like Sunday morning' inspired lifestyle shoot by Portland Wedding Photographer BRIAN WHITT. Styled by the ladies of LEWIS & LEVY, it transports us to a simple serenity that I know we all crave in our busy lives. I'll had to straight over to this creative team from Portland to explain more about the shoot.

"It's Sunday morning and the sun is peeking through the clouds after a long winter in the Pacific Northwest. Megan and Marc, once a long-distance international couple, take time to savour the simple moments together on a day with no plans. Megan eases through her morning routine while steeping peppermint tea. With blood oranges perfectly in season, the fragrance of the freshly peeled fruit fills the room as the light pours in through the windows. Marc draws Megan a bath and lights a candle.

These connections are what inspire us as storytellers; and working with the passionate and talented BRIAN WHITT to photograph this couple's quiet love was a privilege. With Marc's hand tracing Megan's shoulder and arm, and her playful turn to feed him a slice of the orange, he pulls her in close. These embraces happen countless times over the course of a relationship, yet are unique to each moment. To document even a few in a day is priceless. Shooting the final moments in the shower were challenging and ended up being some of our favourite shots. The steam from the hot shower and the changing light were perfect elements in capturing this connection - raw, gentle, and natural. 

Hanging above the bathtub is a photograph of a young Claude Politi, grandmother of Meaghan Levy's husband, who was a lover of baths and enjoyed life to the fullest. After observing Megan and Marc's relationship, we were inspired to pay homage to Claude as we shot their intimate morning in the warm bath - taking our time to honour each moment."

A huge thank-you to Portland wedding photographer, BRIAN WHITT for sharing this gorgeous lifestyle shoot with us today. Brian creates organic and timeless images that reflect the originality of your heartfelt wedding day. Using a fine art and documentary approach to photography, Brian delivers image collections that come to life with excitement and beauty and he'd be the best asset on your wedding day!

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